Oncidium Witch's Jewels

Week 82: May 2, 2022

Oncidium Witch's Jewels

(Onc. Revension x Onc. Ron's Rippling Delight)


This week I would like to present Oncidium Witch's Jewels (Onc. Revension x Onc. Ron's Rippling Delight).

Oncidium Witch's Jewels was originated and registered by J. W. McCully in 2010.

Oncidium Witch's Jewels has three Oncidium species in the background: Onc. fuscatum - 43.75 %, Onc. schroederianum - 31.25%, and Onc. harryanum - 25%.

Previous Awards:

There is no AOS awards for this cross.

There is no AOS awards for Onc. Revension.

However, there are 3 AOS award for Onc. Ron's Rippling Delight - all HCC/AOS.


The candidate plant has 9 flowers on one 42 cm Inflorescence. Plant has 3 mature and one new growths and growing in 12 cm square plastic pot.

Flower Measurements:

NS H - 6.8 cm; NS V - 6.8 cm;

Dorsal Sep. W - 1.3 cm; Dorsal Sep. L - 3.3 cm;

Petal W - 1.3 cm; Petals L - 3.3 cm;

Lat/Sepal W - 1.2 cm; Lat/Sepal L - 3.2 cm;

Lip/Pouch W - 3.0 cm; Lip/Pouch L - 3.2 cm.

Judges' Comments

Al Messina (Accredited Judge, Northeast Judging Center)

Nine nicely colored flowers well-carried on the distal half of one mildly sinuous, staked erect inflorescence, emanating from a clean, small, well-grown plant, with major genetic influence of Onc. fuscatum. Petals have broadened from the species genitors allowing for more overall flower balance .Inconsistency of lips problematic.

Overall, should qualify for an HCC.

Kris Mason (Accredited Judge, Cincinnati Judging Center)

Thank you for this interesting cross. I like the bright yellow and the width on the sepals and petals. Over all, color is as expected. Size is as expected. I like the way the flowers line up on the inflorescence, but the flowers are crowded. Lips are inconsistent in form as are the dorsal sepals. Overall, this is a nice example of the cross, but I would pass.

Deb Boersma (Student Judge, Great Lakes Judging Center)

Oncidium Witch’s Jewels

Nice flowers well arranged on the inflorescence. Flowers appear to be fairly flat with some reflexing and bending on the dorsal, flowers are nicely symmetrical with lateral sepals and petals quite flat, an improvement on the species in the background. The petals and sepals are wider than species in the background giving the flower a fuller look. I like the white lip with the contrasting red with the distinct ‘waterfall’ pattern. The sepals and petals are not as deep maroon as another cultivar mention in ORCHIDS Oct 2016 but still quite appealing with the mahogany color and the contrasting yellow apically. It is difficult to say if this is an improvement on the parents as I could not find a reliable photo of Onc. Revension but compared to the species in the background the flower is flatter, fuller, the petals are not reflexed. The Onc. harryanum species has a larger natural spread vertically making the flower appear long and narrow, this hybrid with the NS 6.8 x6.8 cm is rounder, the segments are broader and the form is more appealing. I think the form is an improvement on the Onc. Ron’s Rippling Delight parent with narrow petals and sepals however it has bolder color than Onc. Witch’s Jewel.

It is less floriferous than the Onc. Ron’ Rippling Delight parent, the Coos Bay cultivar awarded an HCC had 54 flowers, 8 buds on 2 inflorescence compared to 9 flowers on 1 inflorescence for our candidate. The Onc. fuscatum in the background should add floriferousness to our candidate. The flowers are larger than the awarded parent, Onc. Ron’ Rippling Delight.

This plant has so much more potential in terms of floriferousness, I would like to see it with more inflorescences and flowers but considering the form, color and flower arrangement I would nominate it for a quality award and scored it at HCC 76 points.

Bob Winkley (Accredited Judge, Northeast Judging Center)

Thank you for providing us with an interesting and attractive candidate this month. It very nicely blends its Onc. fuscatum and Onc. schroederianum parentage in its form, coloration, and glossy finish.

From a form point of view, the flowers appear relatively full and flat, with a nice broad lip. The slightly undulate margins of the sepals and petals are even, enhancing the three-dimensional nature of the flower. The size and proportions of the flower are also quite good.

Color of the flowers is good, and I especially like the patterning found in the shield and crests of the lip; very reminiscent of Onc. harryanum. Sepals and petals are nicely colored, though a stronger/darker chocolate color might have been a better match for the drama of the lip.

The areas where I think improvement could be had is in flower count and arrangement on the inflorescence. Based on the parents, I would hope to see half again as many flowers as we have presented here, as well as a little more distance between the flowers. Right now, the flowers present pretty well but are a bit crowded/unevenly spaced on the inflorescence for me.

The candidate is well grown and at present I view this plant as ideal for the pot plant trade. I would not nominate it at this point - would like to see a more mature plant with more flowers and perhaps additional inflorescences - however, I would be able to score it if nominated and would likely arrive at a high HCC.

All the best -

Bob W.

Deb Bodei (Associate Judge, Northeast Judging Center)

Oncidium Witch's Jewels (Onc. Revension x Onc. Ron's Rippling Delight)

The attractive lip on Ron's Rippling Delight crossed with Revension gave us a larger, but more importantly, a more balanced flower. The wider segments give it a more pleasing look compared to any of its parents. The flower count has been reduced, so it has become a plant to be grown more for the flowers to be seen up close, rather than the overall look of a branched spray.

This young plant is clean and well grown. We are only looking for a flower award at this point. The grower as taken care in making sure the flowers stayed well-arranged as they bloomed. The spacing and consistency of the flowers is very good as is the overall presentation of the inflorescence. There looks to have been a blasted bud near the end of the inflorescence, but it has not taken away from the overall look.

I would nominate it for a flower award and expect it to score an HCC.



David Edgley (Accredited Judge, Western Canada Judging Center)

There are several things I like about this flower. The flower spacing and arrangement is good and the display is pleasing. The sepals and petals are wider and flatter than I expected from the parents and species in the background. The lip is striking and very attractive. The thing I struggle with is the color of the sepals and petals - they are just mud brown, a color I don’t find appealing. With all the dark colors in the background species, I would have hoped for much darker color, and perhaps some purple. Even with the good form and arrangement, the color keeps my score down to around 78. Even a lot more flowers wouldn’t help much.


Exhibitor - Sergey and Elena Skoropad, NJ (Associate Judges, Northeast Judging Center)

Virtual Award Description

Nine well-presented flowers on one 42-cm, staked inflorescence; sepals and petals lanceolate, yellow, overlaid mahogany, apices yellow, margins undulate, petals proximally maculate; lip square, white, superior half rose, centrally overlaid red with lighter red striations, proximal crest deep rose, margins tightly ruffled; column white, anther cap yellow; substance firm; texture satiny; lip matte.

Grower's Advice

We have this plant in our collection for about 3 years (bought from Stony Hill Gardens, Chester NJ, who originally received it from Hilo Orchid Farm, HI). This's a second bloom and much better presentation then before. I like influence of Onc. fuscatum, especially lip. I hope that plant will produce longer spikes with more flowers per inflorescence in the future.

Like all our plants, we keep this Oncidium outside during the summer and inside the house during winter. I start using LED lights this year (from Home Depot) to provide good light for most of our orchids.