Dendrobium Kyle Quintal

Dendrobium Kyle Quintal

(Dendrobium rhodostictum

Dendrobium Little Atro)

Dendrobium Kyle Quintal (rhodostictum x Little Atro). 

This new hybrid has been originated and registered by Quintal Farms in May 31, 2021.

Dendrobium Little Atro is a cross between Dendrobium normanbyense and Dendrobium atroviolaceum and has been originated and registered by H & R in 2011.

Previous Awards:

There is no AOS awards for Dendrobium Kyle Quintal.

There are 2 AOS awards for Dendrobium rhodostictum and 5 AOS awards Dendrobium Little Atro.


The candidate has 18 flowers on three strong staked inflorescences. Inflorescences are 13 cm. Plant is growing in bark mix with perlite in 8 cm square plastic pot. Plant size is 32 cm wide by 27 cm tall.

Flower Measurements:

NS H - 6.0 cm;                   NS V - 3.5 cm;

Dorsal Sep. W - 1.0 cm;    Dorsal Sep. L - 2.5 cm;

Petal W - 1.8 cm;               Petals L - 3.1 cm;

Lat/Synsepal W - 0.8 cm; Lat/Synsepal L - 2.5 cm;

Lip/Pouch W - 1.3 cm;      Lip/Pouch L - 2.5 cm.

Exhibitor - Sergey and Elena Skoropad, NJ (Accredited and Associate Judges, Northeast Judging Center)

Plant has been screened.