Sarcochilus (Kulnura Spice x Fairly)


(Sarco. Kulnura Spice

Sarco. Fairy)


Sarcochilus (Kulnura Spice x Fairy) is unregistered cross. 

Sarcochilus Kulnura Spice was registered by Barrita in 2013. 

Sarcochilus Fairy was registered by N. Roper in 1998.

Previous Awards:

There is no award for this cross. 

There are 2 awards (all Australian) for Sarco. Kulnura Spice

There are 2 awards (all Australian) for Sarco. Fairy

The latest AOS cultural awards for Sarcochilus can be found in OrchidPro - Sarco. Kulnura Dragonfly 'St. Ives' CCM/AOS 84 pts in May 18 2019 and Sarco. Kulnura Pixie 'Gracie' CCM/AOS 82 pts in May 7 2019.


The candidate has 187 flowers and 206 buds on 28 inflorescences. 

Stem is 8 cm to lowest ovary. Height is 18 cm above pot, 36 cm total plant width. Grown in 15 cm azalea pot.

Flower Measurements:

NS H - 2.3 cm;                   NS V - 2.3 cm;

Dorsal Sep. W - 0.8 cm;    Dorsal Sep. L - 1.2 cm;

Petal W - 0.7 cm;               Petals L - 1.2 cm;

Lat/Synsepal W - 0.8 cm; Lat/Synsepal L - 1.3 cm;

Lip/Pouch W - 0.5 cm;      Lip/Pouch L - 0.7 cm.

Exhibitor - Ken Jacobsen, CA (Accredited Judge, Pacific Central Judging Center)