Cattleya tenebrosa

Cattleya tenebrosa

Cattleya tenebrosa (Rolfe), A.A. Chadwick (2006), previously known as Laelia tenebrosa, Rolfe (1893) growing in NE and SE part of Brazil.  There are several color forms of this species. Kew only recognizes all as a Cattleya tenebrosa. 

Previous Awards:

There are 64 AOS awards total for this species including all color forms!


The candidate plant has 3 flowers on one staked inflorescence 25-cm tall. Plant has 7 growths, 52 cm wide by 56 cm tall and growing in 21 cm terracotta pot in bark mix.

Flower Measurements:

NS H - 18.1 cm;                   NS V -15.2 cm;

Dorsal Sep. W - 2.2 cm;    Dorsal Sep. L - 10.5 cm;

Petal W - 3.4 cm;               Petals L - 9.3 cm;

Lat/Sepal W - 1.8 cm;       Lat/Sepal L - 9.2 cm;

Lip/Pouch W - 5.7 cm;     Lip/Pouch L - 9.0 cm.

Exhibitor - Bill Stender, PA

Plant has been screened.