Aerangis fastuosa

Week 81: April 4, 2022

Aerangis fastuosa

New candidate for this week is another African species - Aerangis fastuosa.

This species is native to the Madagascar. Aerangis fastuosa Rchb.f., 1914 is accepted species by WCSP, Kew. This is a dwarf, hot growing epiphytic orchid found in the transitional land between the coastal plain and the central plateau in evergreen forests at elevations of 1000 to 1500 meters.

Previous Awards:

There are 8 AOS awards for Aerangis fastuosa and 1 Australian (AOC) award. The latest award received clone 'Suzy' CCM 84 pts in April 1995. After that date I could not find any AOS awards for Aerangis fastuosa.


Aerangis fastuosa has 16 flowers on 5 inflorescences. Plant is 6.5 cm in height and growing in a sphagnum moss in 9 cm clay pot.

Flower Measurements:

NS H - 3.5 cm; NS V - 4.0 cm;

Dorsal Sep. W - 1.0 cm; Dorsal Sep. L - 3.6 cm;

Petal W - 1.1 cm; Petals L - 2.5 cm;

Lat/Sepal W - 1.0 cm; Lat/Sepal L - 3.0 cm;

Lip/Pouch W - 1.3 cm; Lip/Pouch L - 3.0 cm.

Judges' Comments

Al Messina (Accredited Judge, Northeast Judging Center)

Sixteen milk white, beautifully, circumferentially arranged, mildly cupped flowers of a rarely seen species well presented on five inflorescences in a nine cm clay pot.

Flowers average in size; average flower count equates with prior CCM 'Freeman' (28 flowers on 9 inflorescences, 3.1 flowers per inflorescence;

86 points.1990). Arrangement, circumfluent, much better than many AOS and international awards. Minor bare spacing.

Points: Several CCM descriptions lowered the point score of the CCM because of 'crowding'. This more than likely is due to genetic habit of this species. The award is given to the grower, ostensibly commending his/her ability. (Suzy 1995; Taylor's Frosty.1988).The CCM point score was lowered because of crowding: What could the grower have done to diminish the crowding caused by a genetic determinant? If this were a flower award, certainly downpointing would be appropriate, if the judges so chose. However, where a grower has no control over genetic determinants, no downpointing should have been made, in my opinion.

A CBM was given to the first plant of the species (Seminole) in 1968.A subsequent CHM was awarded to 'Jay' in 1978, with no apparent reason for the award in the award description.? Should have been rescinded?

An HCC to 'Kilimanjaro Snow' in 1988 was given. The description indicates that the flower was smaller than previous AM clones. There was only one AM predecessor; Fran Gay''. Each plant natural spread was 4,1CM! I guess there might have been a logistical problem with information technology in 1988.

The present candidate is quite well grown and displayed. Foliage is very clean. Should qualify for a CCM of 80-81. Considerable room for higher award with further good care.

Kris Mason (Accredited Judge, Cincinnati Judging Center)

I love the display and presentation of this lovely Aerangis fastuosa. I can imagine the wonderful fragrance. I really like the full look of the flowers compared to many of other clones.

Wonderfully grown and presented. Unfortunately, I see a number of flowers with damage and there is slightly less flowers per inflorescence than the awarded clones. My instinct was that it is slightly out of award range, but it's good exercise, so I decided to pointing it for both quality and culture. I came out at a quality score of 73.5 and a cultural score of 78. Both are close to award range.

Deb Boersma (Student Judge, Great Lakes Judging Center)

Aerangis fastuosa

Beautifully grown and immaculately groomed plant displaying flowers all around the circumference of the plant. Sixteen flowers on 5 inflorescences or 3 flowers per inflorescence is within range of other awarded plants although the total flower count is lower than other cultural awards. Flowers are in very good condition; none appear to be fading or damaged. Considering the condition of the plant, the flowers and floriferousness I would nominate this plant for a cultural award, I scored it at an CCM of 81 points.

In terms of quality, the flower appears to be a little more cupped than the Taylor’s Frosty with an AM of 83 but that could be due to the angle of the photos for our candidate. The flower is pristine white with a light green coloration in the throat, no blemishes, well arranged on the inflorescence. The flower is smaller than other awarded plants but appears fuller in appearance. I would also nominate this plant for a quality award and scored it at 80 points for an AM.


Tom Mirenda (Accredited Judge, Hawaii Judging Center)

This is an extremely well bloomed specimen of this species, and the plant looks flawless with no evidence of improper culture.

I don’t’ believe the flowers differ at all from typical forms of the species so a flower award is not on the table

However, despite its modest size, It is an exceptional specimen and deserving of CCM I think85 points is appropriate.

Bob Winkley (Accredited Judge, Northeast Judging Center)

Thank you for sharing this truly wonderful plant! It appears to be immaculate, robust, and well flowered.

While I do not see these flowers as falling into the realm of flower quality due to their very cupped presentation, I did take a look at the award record for culture to this species. While the candidate is not nearly as well flowered as the lowest CCM (84 pts, Taylor's Frosty) it is very evenly flowered around the plant and I can see myself commending the grower for a job well done. I would likely nominate the plant and score it in the low 80s.

All the best -

Bob W.

Deb Bodei (Associate Judge, Northeast Judging Center)

Aerangis fastuosa


Beautifully grown plant with pristine foliage growing in a way that it presents the flowers well and does not obscure them. Flowers are typical for this species but also pristine. I am looking at the plant for a cultural award. The number of flowers per inflorescence is average and the plant is nearly evenly flowered all around. Since there are no plant sizes recorded for the prior awarded plants, I have to give the grower the benefit of the doubt that this plant is grown at least as well as the others for the size of this plant. It certainly looks as if that is the case. This is a good example of why we need to be recording size of the awarded plants to be able to assess and compare candidates fairly. Descriptions must also be complete and informative and since the last award is from almost 25 years ago we cannot depend on the awards tools for that information.


I would nominate this plant for a cultural award and expect a low CCM.

Thank you,


Elena Skoropad (Associate Judge, Northeast Judging Center)

CCM 82 points:

16 flowers and 0 buds on 5 inflorescences on very clean 6.5 cm in height by 9 cm wide immaculately grown in 9cm clay pot plant. Flowers pristine white, circumferentially grown from the base of the plant, compactly arranged on inflorescences, foliage dark green, substance waxy; texture crystalline

would have scored higher if inflorescences have been less crowded.

Thank you,


Exhibitor - David and Joan Rosenfeld, NJ

Virtual Award Description

Sixteen pristine flowers well displayed on five inflorescences borne on an exceptionally clean plant, 6.5-cm in height grown in a 9-cm clay pot in sphagnum moss with wide bifid, entire leaves; flowers cupped, white; sepals ovate; petals obtuse; lip cuneate, spur chartreuse; column and anther cap light green; substance firm; texture crystalline.

Grower's Advice

I grow the Aerangis fastuosa in a 2.5 inch clay pot with NZ sphagnum. It is grown in very shady conditions. Essentially no direct sun. Fertilized like all my other orchids with a weak solution 3 out of 4 weeks. Does not like to dry out completely.

Purchased from Parkside in 2004 so growing it for 18 years. Grows really slowly!!!!!!!!!!