Virtual Orchid Judging Educational Exercise was created to:

  • Help maintain the skills of American Orchid Society (AOS) judges and students by learning and practicing using a variety of resources including but not limited to OrchidPro, RHS International Orchid Register, and WCSP (Kew).

  • Unite the AOS judges by allowing them to participate regardless of the Judging Center location, invite orchid experts and orchid judges from around the world.

  • Serve the local and remote orchid communities by allowing non-judge exhibitors to submit plants and participate in all discussions.

  • Virtually judge plants with short living flowers that will be difficult to display at in-person orchid judging.

Virtual Judging is an educational exercise and is not considered AOS official judging.

What are the guidelines?

  • Exhibitor to send at least 3 pictures, video, plant measurements and all required information via email.

  • Post new candidate on VirtualOrchids.org and notify all participants via email on Monday.

  • Participants to review all plant information using OrchidPro, WCSP, and RHS International Orchid Register and send comments via email by Sunday.

    • Please don't forget to include your recommendation for nomination, award type and point range (if applicable).

  • Comments summarized and posted on VirtualOrchids.org on Sunday night.

If you like to submit your plant or participate in discussions, please send email to: