Paphiopedilum (Spring Wolf x Hilo Green)

Week 34 Plant 1: Nov 16, 2020


(Spring Wolf 'New Horizon'


Hilo Green 'Perfection')


This week I will distribute two plants again.

First plant - Paphiopedilum (Spring Wolf ‘New Horizon’ x Hilo Green ‘Perfection’).

This is unregistered hybrid and (I guess) been created by James Fang (Hilo Orchid Farm) and of course, no awards!

Paphiopedilum Spring Wolf was originated and registered by Graham Wood (Lehua Orchids, HI) in 2013. There are 2 AOS awards (2017 and 2019).

Paphiopedilum Hilo Green was originated and registered by James Fang (Hilo Orchid Farm, HI) in 2007. There’s only one AOS award in 2008.

This type of breeding involves 4 species - Paph. sukhakulii, Paph. callosum, Paph. lawrenceanum and Paph. superbiens.

Flower Measurements:

NS H - 14.8 cm; NS V - 9.2 cm;

Dorsal Sep. W - 6.5 cm; Dorsal Sep. L - 6.1 cm;

Petal W - 2.5 cm; Petals L - 7.5 cm;

Lat/Sepal W - 2.4 cm; Lat/Sepal L - 4.5 cm;

Lip W - 3.7 cm; Lip L - 6.0 cm

Inflorescence Height - 26 cm.

Judges' Comments

Al Messina (Accredited Judge, Northeast Judging Center)

One good-sized, staked erect, albinistic flower displaying relatively sharp, clear vertical striations/veining on a moderately cupped and pinched dorsal sepal considerably smaller than its well-formed, large, flat awarded parent(Hilo Green).Petals and pouch not as intensely or clearly marked, well-held. Parent Spring Wolf pix in Orchid Wiz seem to suffer affliction of cupped and pinched dorsals. Neither parent appears to have good form consistency in other on-line /Orchid Wiz pix.

Overall should be a low/mid HCC at best.

Thanks for allowing me to participate.

Trevor Yee (Accredited Judge, AOC, Australia)

At first glance (with no relative reference point in the photo), the size of this maudiae style paph hybrid is not apparent. However, at 14.8cm NS is one of the larger ones I have noted for this type, which is a big plus going for it. The shape is good being symmetrical with a nice wide balanced dorsal. However, looking at other photos, I can see the dorsal does lean forward more than I'd prefer and the ends of the petals are starting to reflex backwards. From the rear view, the synsepal is very small - which does not give it the overall filled in shape. Colour is clean and unblemished with good venations of the dorsal. Presentation is good - though I would prefer the clip to be positioned below the ovaries.

I'd propose HCC 75~76 points.

Kristen Mason (Accredited Judge, Cincinnati Judging Center)

I love the clear markings and the color combination. The texture and the presentation of the hairs is lovely. The shape of the individual components is nice, but the overall composition of the flower, with the dorsal and the pouch being cupped and the petals reflexing does not improve on the parents. The pouch in particular is held almost parallel and partial covers the staminode when viewed from the front. I would not point it as it is presented today.

Dave Sorokowsky (Accredited Judge, California Sierra Nevada Judging Center)

Hi Sergey.

To be blunt, this is a pot plant. $35 on my sales table at a show. Nice color but the petals aren’t flat enough and the pouch juts forward too much. The petals are too narrow and out of proportion with the rest of the flower.


Joseph Maciaszek (Accredited Judge, Northeast Judging Center)

One white and green flower on a staked inflorescence. This plant has yet to registered and awarded so we have no siblings of the grex to compare it to. So then we need to look at parental grexes which are awarded, unfortunately not the clones used in this breeding. We can also compared to a general breeding standard for the green Maudiae.

First impressions I like the overall color of the flower. The clean dark green strips on the white dorsal sepal is pleasing but like the overall effect of the dorsal on the Hilo Green ‘Crown’. The cream petals also have attactive green venations as well as beautiful modeled veining in the pouch.

Unfortunately most the time the overall natural spread and segment sizes are smaller for the candidate compared to parental awards. The petal stance is swept backwards and dorsal seems to fairly hooded over the pouch. I am not seeing this as an improvement in the breeding for green Maudiae. I would therefore not nominate this plant at this time, but would love to see it again on a subsequent blooming.

Alan Koch (Accredited Judge, California Sierra Nevada Judging Center)

This candidate is a very good pot plant. Pleasing but not exceptional. As training coordinator for our center I compile lots of results and something I always point out is the over-awarding of Paphiopenilum. Here the petals are narrow for modern maudiae breeding and the synsepal is non existent. It is neither bright green and white or the pale almost white maudiae type that Lehua Orchids is trying to achieve and with that type they often lack substance and should not be awarded. The handbook states 'substance equal to or greater that the parents'. In short I would pass on this plant.

Alan Koch

John Sullivan (Accredited Judge, Northeast Judging Center)

This flower is larger than one of the three awarded plants made to its parental grexes. Having stated that fact, I find the candidate has shortcomings. While it may be difficult to gauge color from an image, I find the pouch color not a good match for the rest of the flower. In addition, the pouch is more pointed distally than its parents. We have seen many examples of these Maudiae type hybrids and I don’t feel there is anything in the candidate which sets it apart. I would not nominate the plant.

Bob Winkley (Accredited Judge, Northeast Judging Center)

Paphiopedilum (Spring Wolf x Hilo Green)

Sergey - Thank you for providing another lovely candidate.

I love this style of Paphiopedilum - clear and elegant coloration and the contrast between the pristine white and deep green is superb.

For me, the parents no longer matter since the award record for this type of flower is a well-established - we are no longer looking at a new direction here. Based on the photos and the video we have a decent flower. The dorsal it reasonably broad, if a little hooded. The petals are held well but appear to be slightly recurved along the upper margins. I'm bothered by what appears to be a complete lack of a synsepal - much of the breeding in this area works towards developing that feature so that it frames the pouch. the pouch is held a little high which, in conjunction with the dorsal, contributes to a compressed feeling of the flower.

I think this cross has potential but I don't think I would nominate this flower at this time.

All the best -

Bob W.

Carrie Buchman (Associate Judge, Northeast Judging Center)

Paphiopedilum (Spring Wolf ‘New Horizon’ x Hilo Green ‘Perfection’)

This flower has nice crisp dorsal markings both front and back, attractive viewing in the lip, and is otherwise remarkably similar to the Spring Wolf parent. Unfortunately, the petals reflex apically and the dorsal is marginally hooded. The candidate does not appear to be an improvement on its parents in terms of natural size, dorsal width, petal width, or lip width or length. I would pass on this plant.

Kind Regards,

Carrie Buchman

Deb Bodei (Associate Judge, Northeast Judging Center)

Paphiopedilum (Spring Wolf x Hilo Green)

Observations and Commentary

Assessing this plant for a flower award. This is a young plant and looks like a first bloom. Considering there were no awards for this cross I looked at the parents.

Spring Wolf ‘Littlefrog Immense’ has better overall form even though it was not staked well. The petal width of the awarded is much wider and both awarded are better held than the candidate. The candidate petals are significantly reflexed. The candidate dorsal is nice with clear markings. Other segment sizes are comparable. The Hilo Green parent also has better form, stance and a much larger dorsal than the candidate.

This candidate resembles the sukakhulii parents in stance and and the color looks to be aureum and is a nice spring green. Maudiae stem should be straight and would suggest earlier and more secure staking next time.


I would pass on this plant for a nomination. I do not think flower is an improvement over either parent in form and light green color alone is not enough for a flower award.

Thank you,


Deb Boersma (Student Judge, Great Lakes Judging Center)

Paphiopedilum (Spring Wolf ‘New Horizon’ x Hilo Green ‘Perfection’).

Paphiopedilum Spring Wolf has a HCC 79 and AM 82

Paphiopedilum Hilo Green has an AM 81

Paphiopedilum (Spring Wolf ‘New Horizon’ x Hilo Green ‘Perfection’).

NS - 14.8 cm, NSV - 9.2 cm;

Dorsal W - 6.5 cm, Dorsal H - 6.1 cm;

Petals W - 2.5 cm, Petals L - 7.5 cm;

Synsepal W - 2.4 cm, Synsepal L - 4.5 cm;

Pouch W - 3.7 cm; Pouch L - 6.0 cm.

Inflorescence Height - 26 cm.

I really like this flower. It has good form, nice rounded, very symmetrical however the photo of the side view shows the dorsal sepal not fully upright. I think the flower is more symmetrical than the Spring Wolf parent, where the dorsal sepal seems to be slightly tilted in one direction. The petals are held nearly horizontal and the pouch appears to be well formed, no dimpling or indentations.

The white colour of the dorsal sepal contrasts nicely with the green stripes. The petals are blushed green and striped with warts and hairs on the margins. The solid light green pouch has great venation of darker green. The white and shades of green on the flower are appealing.

The overall flower size and the dorsal sepal are smaller than the Hilo Green parent but fairly close in size to the Spring Wolf. Petals are larger than the Hilo parent but smaller than the Spring Wolf parent. One of the awarded Spring Wolf has 3 flowers, this plant only has one but the other awarded plants also only had one flower.

Although I really like this flower, I think that I would not nominate it for a flower quality award, perhaps the flower wasn’t completely open and the dorsal might actually flatten more. I think the venation on the pouch is spectacular compared to both parents but overall, the flower does not seem to be a substantial improvement compared to the parents.

Cesar Uchima (Student Judge, Dallas Judging Center)

Paphiopedilum Spring Wolf x Paphiopedilum Hilo Green

I like the symmetry of the flower hard to get because of the unfolding blooming. Please look at Paphiopedilum Hilo Green ´Crown´ AM/AOS (81 points) awarded in 2008, according to the description, the flower is very flat. If you noticed the superb pictures shared by Sergey showed a not straight inflorescence. It is possible that having an upright and sturdy inflorescence helps to get a flat flower.

It seems that the dorsal sepal was inherited from Paphiopedilum Spring Wolf because Paphiopedilum Hilo Green perhaps imparts a wider one.

Exhibitor - Dale Davis/Stony Hill Gardens, Chester, NJ