Corinthian Splash

Week 44: Feb 1, 2021

Cymbidium Corinthian Splash

(Cym. Enzan Champagne x

Cym. Minuet 'New Horizon' 4N)


This week I would like to present Cymbidium Corinthian Splash (Enzan Champagne x Minuet ‘New Horizon’ 4n).

Previous Awards:

There are no awards for this cross created by George Hatfield and registered by K. Hill in Sept. 2016.

Cym. Enzan Champagne (Champagne Robin x Doris) was registered to Mukoyama 3/2010.

There are no awards for this registered cross, no AOS awards for Champagne Robin and 3 AOS awards for Doris.

Cym. Minuet (insigne x floribundum) was registered to Alexander 1/1942.

There are no AOS awards for this cross


The candidate plant has 92 flowers and 8 buds on 7 inflorescences.

The plant is 79 cm high by 119 cm in diameter and is growing in bark in a 23 cm plastic cymbidium pot. It is a medium-sized tabletop Cymbidium.

The parentage species that makes up the majority of this cross listed from highest % to lowest % are insigne, floribundum, tracyanum, lowianum, eburnenum

Flower Measurements:

NS H - 7.1 cm; NS V - 6.8 cm;

Dorsal Sep. W - 1.9 cm; Dorsal Sep. L - 5.0 cm;

Petal W - 2.0 cm; Petals L - 4.9 cm;

Lat/Sepal W - 2.0 cm; Lat/Sepal L - 5.0 cm;

Lip/Pouch W - 2.2 cm; Lip/Pouch L - 3.0 cm.

Judges' Comments

Al Messina (Accredited Judge, Northeast Judging Center)

Ninety-two flat flowers and eight buds on seven (mostly?) staked inflorescences growing on a very clean, relatively robust, multi-growth plant; color good, sepals and lip;

(?late) staking slightly suboptimal possibly causing arrangement disparities; narrow petals below standard; no flower award but, with careful staking, could qualify for a culture award on a subsequent bloom.

Phyllis Prestia (Accredited Judge, Pacific South Judging Center)

Cymbidium (Enzan Champagne x Minuet ‘New Horizon’ 4n) is a robust, very well-grown plant with exceptionally clean, unblemished leaves. Inflorescences are well-staked and positioned. Flower count averages around 14 per inflorescence, which is good.

In terms of flower size and color, the species in the background contribute a variety of characteristics. Both large and miniature flowers bring the size of this hybrid somewhere in the middle of all. Lip color is reflected also from the background species, particularly lowianum, with good contrast and pattern. Color pattern in the segments is pleasing and fairly consistent.

In terms of flower form, the flowers are only slightly cupped. Some background species contribute sepal and petal width while others do not. Considering all of the background species, this clone reflects a compromise of characteristics, somewhere in the middle of what can be expected.

I considered this plant first for an award of culture. The number of flowers is reflective of a robust plant of this size. However, the flowers are presented on 3 sides only, leaving a wide gap with no flowers. I also looked at it for a quality award. The fenestration between the petals and lateral sepals is not in line with that of the dorsal and petals. In my opinion, it is too distracting overall to the shape. As a result and dispute my thoughts at first glance, I would not suggest it to be judged.

Kristen Mason (Accredited Judge, Cincinnati Judging Center)

Impressive growing and flowering. I love the lip. Inconsistencies in markings, color, presentation, size and lack of fullness preclude quality award.

Large plant - lots of inflorescence. Flowers all seem to be in excellent condition. Some damage to leaves, but pointable, grooming may have helped some and overall still a large plant in good condition. Display on the inflorescence is OK, but not exceptional on each inflorescence, but the distribution throughout the plant is nice. Good floriferousness. Difficult to compare to previous awards as there have been no awards for several generations, but when compared to the ancestors of Doris, Pink Champagne and Robin, higher flowers per inflorescence and significantly more flowers (although smaller flower size - but not unexpected when producing lots of blooms). When compared to insigne - less flowers per inflorescence and smaller, but more flowers over all. Comparison to recent/relatively recent CCM and CCE awards puts this plant at the lower end of floriferousness, but not outside of the lower end. When pointing for CCM I ended up at 81 points.

Tom Mirenda (Accredited Judge, Hawaii Judging Center)

A very pretty floriferous compact/miniature, anyone would want in their collection. The specimen shown is very well bloomed, but probably not quite yet a CCM though if considered for that I could see perhaps a score in the low 80s. It might be higher but several flowers appear to have displaced lips and some of the spikes are a bit past their prime and poorly arranged especially on the ends of the inflorescences. The flowers have very nice coloration and good flower count. And the fact that it is compact and floriferous make it a candidate for the kind of award we discussed in the past, i. e. an award recognizing fantastic pot plants that should be widely cultivated due to their ease of culture and flower power. While very beautiful, there isn’t anything particularly groundbreaking about these flowers. If the spikes were a little better arranged, I would be inclined to a mid to high HCC….

Trevor Yee (Accredited Judge, AOC, Australia)

First impression is a nicely presented Cymbidium with graceful arching racemes around the front half of the plant. The flowers are presented well and facing outward in a uniform direction. The habit & arrangement score good points. Floriferousness is average for this intermediate Cymbidium - I would expect a cymbidium of this size to have a few more inflorescences that would cover all around the pot.

The photos show 2 shades of pink, but I suspect the darker pink could be the true colour. It appears fresh and no obvious blemishes. The spots on the lower half of the sepals are uniform and add an interesting element to the flower.

Overall shape of the flower is balanced and circular in outline. The petals are slightly narrow - if wider it would make a more filled-in shape. The lip does not reflex back (as some mini & intermediate Cymbidiums do over time) which is a great outcome if this is the case.

Overall, I would score it HCC 75 ~ 76 points.

Deb Boersma (Student Judge, Great Lakes Judging Center)

I love Cymbidiums and this is a wonderful plant with 92 beautiful flowers. The overall form looks fair, it is fuller and rounder than the Minuet parent. There is some cupping of the dorsal sepal and the petals and the petals are not as wide as seen for Champagne Robin but again an improvement when compared to Minuet and other parents in its’ lineage. I would have liked to see wider sepals and petals to form a fuller flower. I like the soft lavender colour, the spots and stripes on the sepals and petals. The dark maroon blotches on the lip and the yellow in the interior really make the lip stand out. The arrangement of the flowers on the inflorescences is not the best and the natural spread is smaller compared to parents, sourced from OrchidWiz. It is quite floriferous!

I would not nominate this plant for a quality award, I don’t think the form is the best, the flowers are small and arrangement on inflorescence does not appear to be evenly distributed.

I would nominate the plant for a cultural award, it is a well grown, clean plant, no blemishes on the leaves that are common in Cymbidiums and it is floriferous. I scored it at a CCM 80.

Elena Skoropad (Associate Judge, Northeast Judging Center)

I love this Cymbidium!

Wonderful presentation, well shaped, nicely colored flowers. It shows great improvement over parents and grandparents. There are no award for this recently registered cross. No awards for parents either. One of grandparents Doris received 3 awards. Our candidate form is more superior and shows big improvement in shape - rounder and fuller flower segments, nice combination of color between petals and contrasting lip. I like bright lip, it stands out and make this flower very attractive. I would like to recognize this cross and I would be nominating this for a flower quality award and will be in 80-81 AM range. As far as culture award goes I would pass this time for this cross and perhaps it needs more flowers and flowers should be more evenly distributed on all inflorescences.

This is gorgeous plant and it needs to be recognized! Kudos to the grower!

Thank you,


Sergey Skoropad (Associate Judge, Northeast Judging Center)

Cymbidium Corinthian Splash

A very lovely Cymbidium!

Candidate is very well bloomed, flowers are nicely presented. Although arrangement of inflorescences is not perfect, probably few more inflorescences would cover entire plant, I like how they are naturally cascading. Floriferousness is good, probably on the lower end of this type of cymbidiums. Conditions of the flowers looks good too. Great combination of the flower arrangement on the compact plant.

I could nominate this plant for cultural award and score as low CCM 80-81 pts.

Regarding flower award, these flowers are not so easy to recognize. They look out of standard shape requirements (full and round). But if we look at the species in the background of this cross - they are not full and round ether, some of them have poor shape.

I can describe these flowers as very well balanced (that’s why they are looks so pretty!). Flowers are just a slightly cupped. Size is good. Color is fantastic - great combination of soft pink with beautifully contrasting lip.

Consider all species in the background of this cross I found this cross in the middle what we can expect. I definitely see improvement over one of the grandparents Cym. Doris.

I think flowers should be recognized and I can score them as high HCC 78-79.

I would love to have this beautiful compact Cymbidium in our collection!



Taylor Slaughter (Accredited Judge, National Capital Judging Center)

Hi Sergey,

Sorry I didn't have time to comment on this pretty Cymbidium. I have read the comments, and agree with most of the judges that it is not at this time awardable, either for flower or culture. I think on another blooming, with better staking so the flowers are presented better, it would definitely be eligible for a cultural award. Love the plant!

Taylor Slaughter

Exhibitor - Bill and Deb Bodei, NJ (Associate Judge, Northeast Judging Center)

Virtual Award Description

Ninety two, relatively flat, stellate flowers and eight buds on seven partially staked arched inflorescences to 71cm; 79-cm high by 119-cm diameter plant growing in bark, in a 23-cm plastic cymbidium pot; sepals and petals lanceolate-acute, ivory, overlaid rose-pink striations longitudinally, deeper rose-pink striation at midline, spotted burgundy basally, margins entire; lip ivory, large irregular-shaped burgundy markings proximally to margins, callus keeled, bright yellow, marked burgundy; column ivory, obverse spotted burgundy, anther cap yellow; substance firm; texture waxy, lip velvety.

Grower's Advice

Bill and I have been growing this plant for several years in NJ and have cherished it since we got it from George Hatfield as a seedling. It had several spikes last year just before we had a freeze due to failed equipment in our cool house. It looked so bedraggled, we feared we had lost this plant along with a number of others. No worries, George told us what to do to bring back all but the few cymbidiums that had all of their pseudobulbs affected. This year it flowered beautifully and we can only guess it was partially due to cutting off all the spikes last year and having the patience to let it rest and be even better this year. We grow them in a cool greenhouse during the coldest months of winter with less water and put them outside from April to November and feed and water the heck out of them. The time to top dress them with slow release fertilizer is now in NJ for an extra boost through the growing season. It is also time to identify which ones absolutely need repotting or dividing and attend to those right after the blooms fade.

Deb Bodei