Paphiopedilum (Wayne Booth x anitum)


(Paph. Wayne Booth

Paph. adductum var. anitum)

Paphiopedilum (Wayne Booth x adductum var. anitum 'Midnight Magic' AM/AOS) is unregistered cross. 

Paphiopedilum Wayne Booth (rothschildianum x Susan Booth) was registered by F. Booth in 1988. Paph. Susan Booth is a cross between Paph. rothschildianum and Paph. glanduliferum.  Paph. glanduliferum somethimes confused with Paph. wilhelminae, which is totally different species.

Paphiopedilum adductum var. anitum is accepted species from Philippines, also called Paph. anitum.

Previous Awards:

There is no award for this cross. 

There are 5 AOS awards (11 awards total) for Paph. Wayne Booth. Clone 'Springwater' HCC/AOS (78 pts), Mar 14, 2015 is the latest award.

There are 3 AOS awards (15 awards total) for Paph. adductum var. anitum. Clone 'Midnight Magic' AM/AOS (86 pts), May 13, 2017 is the latest award.


The candidate has 3 flowers on one inflorescence. Inflorescence is 43 cm height.

Flower Measurements:

NS H - 6.2 cm;                   NS V - 19.5 cm;

Dorsal Sep. W - 3.8 cm;    Dorsal Sep. L - 6.5 cm;

Petal W - 1.0 cm;               Petals L - 13.8 cm;

Lat/Synsepal W - 2.6 cm; Lat/Synsepal L - 6.7 cm;

Lip/Pouch W - 1.6 cm;      Lip/Pouch L - 5.3 cm.

Exhibitor - Sergey and Elena Skoropad, NJ (Associate Judges, Northeast Judging Center)